Friday, March 23, 2012

OOTD - Shades of Gray

Earrings - Girl Shoppe
Key Ring - Anagon Collection
Leather Bracelet
 Black Ring 

Black Cover Up - Lucky Brand
Gray Top - Oxygen 
Black Bondage Skirt - Bazaar
Boots - Thrifted

As you all know, I'm not a big fan of light colored outfits. Especially recently coz I have gained weight again. Wearing white, silver, or gray isn't appealing at all. I'd stick to black most of the time. BUT this top beckoned me. You know the feeling that you get while scanning or digging through your closet and this one piece of clothing suddenly sparkles above the rest? Yes.. that kind of moment! This grey top sparkled and begged to be worn. The funny thing is that it isn't mine! haha. It belongs to my skinny sis who likes to wear huge draping tops which suits me just fine coz I get to wear em too. Yay! We don't get to share clothes often but I'm so glad that this Oxygen top fits me as well. I'd totally wear it again if I could. Thanks sis!

So what about you coffeeholics? Have you had some fashion fun with borrowed clothes from your siblings or friends? Or are you particular with your stuff and prefer not to coz swapping clothes just aint your style? Let me know your thoughts! Have a great summer!

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