Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nail It Greenhills Grand Opening

After a long week of work and blogging, the best way to end it would be to spend some "pamper me" time! And what better way then visiting the brand new NAIL IT store at Greenhills!

My cuzin Jen got an invite from Jariss to the grand opening of the Nail It! salon at Greenhill, on May 21, Saturday. And since she could bring friends along--guess who tagged along with her? Moi of course! And Rache, Laura (my sister), and Jordy (Jen's sis). Laura was so kind as to be my photographer for this event. So I think most if not all photos were taken by her. Thanks sis!

Love the pretty colors! This was when me and Jen were signing in the waitlist.

So we signed and listed our names because they couldn't quite accommodate us yet because there were a lot of people! While waiting outside, we gathered for the blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony of this 9th branch of Nail it which started only around last year. I was surprised that they have a lot of branches in such a short period of time! Anyway, the ceremony was sweet because each of us were given a purple candle and had it all lit up during the whole time.

Lower right pic: Hazel, Aya, Me, Jariss, and Jen
After the blessing, it was chow time! They had a buffet open for all their customers! Since it wasn't time for our nails to be done yet, we took our time in eating. Yummy food!

They also set up a really cool photobooth and you can take as many pictures as you want with your friends as a souvenir for this occasion! Of course we just HAD to take photos!

Bloggers with Friends - Jen, Me, Jordy, Laura, and Tatie! Having fun at the photobooth!
Photo grabbed from Cheese It!
Bloggers - Tatie, Rache, Me, and Jariss
Photo grabbed from Cheese It!

Finally, we entered the salon coz it was nearly our turn. I really loved the color scheme of the place (its purple and white! I love the color purple!) plus it had a really cozy and inviting atmosphere. I couldn't wait to be seated! Looking around, I noticed little things around me that made me pretty impressed. They had a lot of sterilizing machines for their equipment which reassured me a lot! The ambiance, the comfy chairs, and even the lighting were all set up to make you feel comfortable and relaxed for the ultimate nail spa experience.

Love the colors and the comfy chair!
My sis Laura. Behind her is the sterilizing equipment. 

I had a talk later on with Ms. Jean Uvero and she assured me that only Orly Nail Polish will be used in Nail It stores! For my pedi, I chose Orly's Halleys Comet (the one on the lower right of the photo). I wanted to try a different color from my usual black or violet!

Nail It only uses ORLY! :) Love it!

AND what a service! I had a pedi and my toes really felt pampered! From the moment they washed my feet, to the cleaning, massaging, and right up to the polishing -- I felt no pain whatsoever. I  have been to nail salons where I leave with a botched up cleaning (bloody nails.. ugh..) or a not so good service in the salon. But here, I was so surprised when I found out that it was already finished! I didn't notice any pain and the nail technician  throughout the whole process always asks me if it was ok or if I wanted it to have the filing or cutting of the nail improved etc. They were really considerate and sensitive of my nails. Really happy about the service!

Many thanks to my Nail Technician, Malou! She has feather light hands! :) Thats Orly's Halleys Comet Nail Polish. 
And there we have it, awesome pedicures done by Nail It using Orly Nail Polish! Love it!

Top L-R: Laura used Cocoa Beach, Rache used Soul Mate
Bottom L-R, Jordy used Snow Cone, and Me used Halleys Comet 

 I really enjoyed my stay at the Nail It Salon at Greenhills! Before we left, we had a short chat with Ms. Jean and she told us how Nail It was concept collaboration between her and her daughter, Agatha. Agatha was only 12 years old at that time and I couldn't help being impressed that such a young person having an entrepreneur mind already! Ms. Jean shared that it was her desire that Nail It would be distinguished as a Nail Salon that gives quality service to their customers by making them feel pampered and have an enjoyable experience.

Me, Rache, and Miss Jean.

With that in mind, Nail It also extends and welcomes their male customers! Nail It has noticed that a lot of the ladies that are there customers have their men waiting outside..somewhere killing time until they are done. Now its possible for the men to have their "pampering" time as well with the newly coined Nail It term "MANLICURE". Guys that have manicured and pedicured clear polished nails are considered acceptable and even desirable by the women! And now through these services, Nail It is now catering to the male quarter as well.

The amazing part of all of this is the prices! The most basic service in Nail It is as low as Php 100 for a Traditional Manicure (no polish) to Php 300-400 for a detailing mani. They also offer other services such as  Nail Art, Stress Relief Massage, and Eyelash extensions. They also have promos available for combined services at a cheaper price. 

I'm looking forward to another Nail It experience! 

OTD: Miss Essentials top, Thrifted Denim Skirt, Tomato Bag, and Parisian Shoes.

Many thanks to Jariss for the cute giveaway bag that has a Nail It Privilege Card, Discount card from Jariss' blog sponsors, and Limelite Mani Mini Nail Polish. THANKS SO MUCH! :)


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Nice meeting you there Kai! We should hangout again sometime :D

Kaisensei said...

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love the color you chose! :)

Kaisensei said...

@Hazel: Thanks thanks! I love the color! It reminds me of mermaids for some reason... hehe..