Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tomato Launches New Delicious Fragrance Line


I was able to attend a Delicious event last Friday, May 20, at Trinoma Mall Ground Floor. TOMATO has just renovated their store there and with the new ambiance decided to launch its new Tomato Delicious Fragrance Line. A lot of people were there and were pretty much excited! I personally didn't know what to do first--take photos, shop, or talk with other fellow bloggers! Of course, shooting photos won out coz as the saying goes -- A picture is worth more than a thousand words.  So here are my 25,000 plus words in pictures! You have been warned!

First things first, the star of the night -- Tomato's New Fragrance Line.  There are actually two fragrance that they released that day. The first one is the daytime fragrance named OOHLALICIOUS!

Tomato Delicious Oohlalicious Fragrance is here to help each girl feel delicious and BE DELICIOUS! Oohlalicious has a subtle yummy citrus tone which I like very much! Being asthmatic, I tend to be very much aware of the the fragrances I use or that is around me and I'm happy to report that Ooohlalicious is indeed subtle enough and not over powering. Its actually my favorite out of the two.

I love its packaging! Its classy looking and so cute! Oohlalicious is in a clear 50 ml bottle with its simple design and the cute silver heart charms that is also yours to keep! It only costs Php 300.00 which is a very affordable price compared to others AND its classy enough to be an "expensive" looking gift you can give to your boss or to your mom or as a Christmas gift to someone this year!!!

Meanwhile, VAVALICIOUS is a night time fragrance which aims to help women express their "innate elegance and class." It is modern, chic, and spicy! The woodsy and spicy aroma wasn't overpowering--its the one thing that I check when choosing a fragrance to wear. Vavalicious' spicy aroma has my thumbs up!

Vavalicious has a more "sexy" packaging so to speak.  The dark red and black makes it look classy and elegant. The heart-shaped bottle gives off a  romantic feel to it especially with the gold heart shaped charms attached to it! The charms can also double as a cute cellphone accessory! And yes, you can definitely gift this to someone who is ready to unleash the Vavalicious inside of them!

Oohlalicious Girl - That's me! :)

After some picture taking, we were all asked to go out of the store to witness the ribbon cutting session to commemorate this momentous occasion! 

There were a lot of people watching and wondering what was happening in the store. It was jampacked! Of course, Team Azkals Anton Del Rosario and Yannick Tuason drew in the crowd and a lot of onlookers. Ms. Earth Air 2009 Sandra Seifert was also in attendance and kept everyone's cameras clicking away!

OF COURSE I had to have a photo with them!

Also, I just wanna thank JEN and JAM who were the people mainly responsible for the invite I got to the Tomato Event. Thanks much dears!

With Jam. Photo by Jen.
Bff shopgirljen! Hehe.. wala kasi pwede mag pic sa amin 2 lang.. 
Besides its fragrance, TOMATO has a lot of other stuff to offer that is chic and affordable for every Tomato Delicious girl out there! Their clothes, bags, shoes and flats, and accessories are all super pretty, eye-catching and easy on the pocket.

Tomato's accessories are just super awesome! I love the fact that Tomato is trying to reach consumers at a reasonable price. As far as I can remember, the rings and earrings were around Php 150. Flats were from Php 400 to Php 500.  Watches and Bags were from 500 to 750 php. 

I love the bag! I got a black version of this bag/

Of course we also had a fun time meeting new bloggers! 

Aie, Me, Ms. Karen, and Krissy

Tatie, Jen, and Me!
Thank you Tomato! Love love love my new bag and the fragrances! 


Hazel☺ said...

i love your new bag!! :D i remember back in hs/college, my bags consist mostly of tomato :D

Kaisensei said...

Thanks thanks. :) I don't think Tomato was in existence when I was still in High School though.. LOL. Well, I can always bring it to MY school and see how my students react to it. Hehehe...