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PFW Holiday 2011 Sony Cybershot Luxewear Collection

I was thrilled beyond measure when I was able to go to the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Sony Cybershot Luxewear Collection Fashion Show at the SMX Complex, SM Mall of Asia all thanks to Tatie and Jen. Its not everyday a girl gets to go watch one of the prestigious fashion shows that features our very own Filipino designers! So a bit of warning dears, this is going to be a bit photo heavy because the Luxewear collection featured around 15 designers.

As usual, yours truly was a bit late. Obviously, I have a day job (I'm a teacher, hello!) and even though its summer vacation, we still have to report for duty. And I swear, commuting to MOA is NOT easy. Anyway, I arrived late. I arrived late and boy was the place packed! There were so many people supporting our Filipino Fashion Designers! I wasn't able to get a seat but it ended up as a good thing coz I was able to take photos from a somewhat nice spot. I wasn't able to be seated with my bffs in fashion but it didn't matter, we were going to meet up later anyhow. When I arrived, boo..  I missed already the collection presented by Benjie Manuel, Delby Bragais, Edwin Uy, and Jay Sustiguer! So sad.. BUT I arrived at the finale of the John Guarnes' collection. I saw this and was wowed! 

I also liked the corporate look with a lot of sheer and leather by Julius Tarog.

LOVE the leather cuff there!

Kat Corpus' collection was all about Color Blocking and pretty cutouts that reminded me of the cutouts made in pastillas' wrappers in the good old days!

I absolutely loved this one! My photo of this was blurred though. TY Style Bible!
Sorry about the photo, I was standing way up at the back so my shots are a bit wide angled! Loved the pretty cutout effects! Hmm, is this the teacher in me talking? LOL.
I sooo wanted a clean photo of this one but obviously I'm new at this! 
Another poor attempt of me getting a good shot of this pretty violet dress. *sighs*
I give up. Finally, a decent shot THANK YOU STYLE BIBLE FOR THIS PHOTO!
I really REALLY LOVED the details of this one!
Then Melvin Lachica presented his collection and boy did it cause quite a murmur in the crowd! The sheer almost nude flowing Grecian look of the gowns looked magnificent! 

I wasn't going to upload this one coz it was a bit blurry but I just want you to take a good look at the audience in the background. See anything interesting? :)

Nicky Martinez came out with fun and bright splashes of color, perfect for a glamorous night out! I love the swirls and circles motif throughout the collection. Here are my favorites:

I LOVE THIS ONE!! So drama and princess like!!!
One of my favorite Black Dresses of the Night!

 Nolie Vineza's collection was very unique and colorful with its mosaic and quilted effects.   

 Roel Rosal's collection was FIERCE! I love the animal prints and even the fierce looks of the amazon-like models which created quite an effect. This is one of my favorite collections! 


Ronaldo Arnaldo really made a production out of his collection. From the gothic like music, to the wintery sheer layered clothes, and to the slow motion like walk of the models. 


Finale dress looked very dramatic! 

Santi Obcena's collection ranged from casual to formal wear. He focused more on gray, black, and silver except for this one awesome splash of red which was my favorite pick on his collection. 

Simon Ariel Velasquez focused more on formal and classy casual outfits. His trademark for this collection was the fringe. He also presented menswear in his collection. (I had to change batteries during this time, so I wasn't able to take personal photos).

AND last but not the least, TINA DANIAC ended the show with sheer fabrics and gold accessories making a statement with black and red. 

  So there you have it! A look at some of our very own Filipino Fashion Designers.
I don't have a lot of after show photos around this time coz me and my bffs had to rush to the next show, OXYGEN CLOTHING. :) Will be blogging about that next.

Me and Rache finally meet up on the next show, OXYGEN! 

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