Thursday, April 15, 2010

National Day of Prayer Cancelled

While browsing the web, I stumbled upon this news. Apparently the National Day of Prayer in the U.S. was cancelled according to the instructions of President Obama himself. The National Day of Prayer which was established by President Truman and made permanent by President Reagan was usually held on the First Thursday of May, which meant that it was supposed to be held on May 6 of this year. According to some reports, this is due to him honoring the suggestions and complaints by atheists and some other groups.

I find this to be a bit saddening and disappointing. Yes I am aware that people have a right to voice their opinions, however why does it have to come to a point that a National Day of Prayer has to be cancelled as well? Don't Christians have a right to voice their opinions as well? Plus, it doesn't say "The National Christians Day of Prayer".. so that means other religions can also pray for the nation at that time. I don't see the point of it being cancelled. I think that praying for a nation will be beneficial for everybody, especially with the economic crisis and natural disasters happening not only in the U.S. but all over the world. With all these recent "acts of God" going around the globe, it is all the more urgent for us to pray not only for ourselves but for our own respective nations.

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mrsmstweet said...

Snopes gives a good explanation of the cancellation rumor.