Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Single Ladies Guide to a Happy Valentines

Hey Coffeeholics! Yes the time has come to celebrate the wonderful world of singlehood. I bet you've heard some snicker and call it the SAD (Single Awareness Day) day. I'm pretty much sure you can sense it in the air.. All those blood red hearts, super expensive flowers, and a lot of gooey and sappy and couple-ish stuff floating around like shiny iridescent bubbles that makes you wanna viciously pop it. Soooo if you got these symptoms, I feel for yah sis. (High-five naman dyan! Haha!).

Seriously, let me tell you my lovetohate relationship with vday. I've hated the vday. I've despised the vday. I've worn black and went into mourning on the vday. I've holed up in a corner and went all emo on vday. I've wanted to wipe that annoying sappy look on some random gal's face while she blissfully gushed over her rose bouquet. Yes I wasn't that bitter at all. :) hehe. But you know what, I've decided enough with the hate. Why should vday get the best of the worst of me? *flips table* I have every right to enjoy the hated vday occasion too!!!

Love you too Sheldon! <3
After this astounding revelation, I made a "defining moment" decision. I went ahead and enjoyed Vday. I turned my SAD day to a Happy Hearts Day. Its my way of defying the depressing and oppressive nonsense of valentines to the singlehood. We have a RIGHT to be happy! LOL. So here goes my two cents:


1. Eat your HEART out. Coz FOOD = HAPPINESS! YES YES YES! Diet? No oh NO! Whatever mantra that fitness people has been brainwashing you with, well.. ignore it today! Time to splurge and treat yourself for something filling for your tummy. Get some of your other awesome single gal pals and go out and EAT! My advice is go for the "EAT - ALL - YOU - CAN" Buffets! If you can book and make reservations in advance, GO FOR EAT errrr IT! The downside of this option is that because its Vday, couples generally eat out as well. Hence it might be fully booked. But no worries, if you get to the buffet early, I'm sure you can get a spot. Say like.. 6 pm?

Where to "buffet"? Have you tried Sambo Kojin? Just ate there at Eastwood with my coworkers and its totally worth it. All there sashimi, sushi, and yakiniku are fresh and awesome! And the service is really REALLY good! 

2. Its SPA-len-TIME! Coz you deserve to pamper yourself. Yes my dear fellow single ladies, you deserve this! If you haven't been doing this to yourself on normal days. Well darn it, start NOW! I mean c'mon, put your "date money budget sana" into good use. Invest in YOURSELF! Part of being happy is learning to love oneself. :) Whether if its a beauty spa time or a massage spa time.. GO FOR IT!

In all honesty, this therapy is one of my most favorite. I absolutely love love love getting a massage. So make sure you pick a nice one with a reputably good massage therapists. (Para di sayang ang pera.. haha. wag ka lang sa tabi tabi na spa/massage ha!) I swear, nothing feels more heavenly than feeling all those kinks on your back, knots on your shoulder, and achy feeling on your legs magically go away. Yes, promise. You might end up having a very good night's sleep after that pa! :)

Want to go to an affordable spa but still has excellent quality? Try RILASSANTE SPA. Me and my family are super regulars there! The massage is very good, the service excellent, and they have packages that are easy on the pocket. Rilassante Spa is located at Banawe Ave., cor. Tirad Pass St., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila. (near Orthopedic Hospital in front of McDonald's). Contact No. is 411-9036; 0917-5210304.

3. Movie Marathon Madness. Coz laughter is the best medicine.

Don't feel like spending a lot of cash? Well there's always this option. MOVIE MARATHON at HOME! Well if you wanna watch a movie at the movie house then by all means do. But I warn you, most of the cinemas at this time is also FULL. ANNNND full of charming loving couples.... annnnnd mostly the movies being shown at that time has something related with love or valentines. So if that's your cup of tea, go ahead and enjoy! I for one am NOT a fan of love stories on the big screen. Oh I could probably stomach the funny love comedy chick flick but not the heart wrenching angst filled love ones. I mean c'mon, I want to be happy and NOT to sob myself silly because Leo Dicaprio's character tragically dies before his loved one because he gave up his space on the floating door for Kate Winslet's character so that she'll survive. (fyi, Titanic. which I only watched once and never again). So if you choose option B - Movie Marathon at home, yay for you! So yes, its time to chill, pop a bag of popcorn, get a tub of ice cream for that matter, and hang out with your gal pals as you laugh away those vday nonsense. :)

I recommend Comedy Chick Flicks. Or just plain comedy. (or Channing Tatum Movies?!) SNL. Two Broke Girls (yes laughed over this! Love this!) Kdrama (google which korean drama-comedies are the best to watch). Jdrama (Like cute and funny love stories -- watch HANA KIMI. Tthis is really really good! one of my faves!). 

4. GIVING is LOVE. Coz giving is better than receiving!

Yep, spend your vday by not focusing on yourself -- like being sad because you haven't received anything -- but instead focus on giving something to others. When I did this, it helped me focus not inward but outward. I enjoyed the whole planning process and find it fulfilling seeing the joy on other people's faces because someone remembered "them". Like blessing your coworkers or classmates by making home made cookies/brownies for them? Or better yet, bless someone who is truly in need. Like maybe this homeless person you always pass by the overpass bridge on the way home.

When you see this, you will then realize how blessed you are. It gives you perspective. And helps you not to focus on yourself but others as well. It shoos away self-pity and instead welcomes in goodness, kindness, and compassion to others. Make this choice to show love through actions such as this. You have no idea how your one small act of giving could probably change the life of someone else. :)

5. Choose to be Happy.  Yes my dear, if you truly want to be happy this vday -- you got to make a conscious decision. Any advice or activity or anything you do will still be depressing if you don't make that choice. I will be honest and say that I had a struggle with this decision at the beginning. But when I finally did make that choice -- and firmly told myself that I will be happy. I did something about it. I was able to overcome my weepy emo state and is happy despite my negative attitude towards Valentines Day. Oh its not gonna be easy. There will be moments when boom.. you get these "oh no I'm still single" panic attack instances which makes you want to break down and cry. Yes there's still gonna be a bit of a twinge here and there. BUT it will be bearable. All the more when you rein yourself in and say to yourself OUT LOUD that you will be happy. Yes, coz HEARING will lead to BELIEVING. You got to believe that you will be happy. Say this out loud: I WILL BE HAPPY. :)

So my dear coffeeholics, whether you are single or not, I hope this post helps you to your path in being a more happy person. Even during Valentines Day. Haha. Kung di ka naman affected by this occasion, well then good for you! hehe. Buti ka pa. But for the rest, cheer up! I have followed my own advice. I'm going to get me some SPAlenTIME tomorrow. As for making vday sweet? Hello CHOCOLATES! Haha. Just bought Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with whole Hazelnut. Yes solved! haha. So how about you guys, what's your plans for Vday?

Oh and if you want to get something from ME and TravelMerchant16, 
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RebelSweetHrt said...

I'm not big on VDay either since my husband isn't here to celebrate it with me. But I'll probably take the little man to the mall after school, since that's what we usually do on Fridays. :)

Michelle Padrelanan said...

Hi! This is my first time here. :) I love your post and your decision to stay happy on this day. Ang galing mo! I have to admit I'm one of those sappy girls you see on Vday with the bouquet of roses from the hubby. Have a great day!

lornadahl campilan said...

Great entry! Tama, let's choose to be happy. Ika nga ni Nikki Gil, "nakakapangit ang pagiging bitter!" Haha!

Pauline Reyes said...

I think Lori won this contest. Yay! I hope they conduct such giveaways again this year. I’d be more than willing to join! <3
~Pauline @

Kai Sensei said...

CORRECT! Nikki GIl had the right mindset.

Kai Sensei said...

Thanks Michelle! You have no idea how much I reallly hated vday. Guess when one becomes older.. wiser na din? hehe. I figured out that the best way to deal with it is make that choice that I will be HAPPY despite everything. haha. Yes naging big deal ang vday sakin dahil single ako. pero buti na lang.. I eventually got the correct attitude. :) Thanks for dropping by!

Kai Sensei said...

awww.. spending time with family is also a happy hearts day. :)

purpz said...

I'll give my boyf a home cooked meal for dinner/lunch. :)

RebelSweetHrt said...

Great giveaway! Good luck to everyone joining! :)

Jea Blancaflor said...

Home cooked dinner for my other half & a quality time together.

Marinela Diaz said...

Nothing beats a dinner date right at your own home. :)