Monday, February 3, 2014

The Power of Three at Paradizoo

Hey Coffeeholics! Welcome to February! As the love month rolls in, let me share to you one of the fun trips that I had last January which was visiting PARADIZOO at  by the Zoomanity Group. Its been a while since I had a "Field Trip" like this. I've been teaching high school for several years but my last field trip to see animals was almost 10 years ago. So when I heard about Paradizoo and was given an opportunity to visit -- I immediately said yes. Haha. Yes this time, its the teacher in me who went oh YES to this experience. It was good that I was able to go there with my cuz Jen ( and her daughter Sofi.

Of course one thing that made the trip to Paradizoo a lot more interesting is because of their Power of Three Festival (floral, vegetable, and agri-livestock fair) - "Festive Bloom of Agriculture" - that started last January ending at March 2. Here are some of the events that you can look forward to when you visit Paradizoo:

January   Flower Festival Week. Last month, Paradizoo showed off its beautiful finery with its  breathtaking floral designs, formal hedges, and topiary. Gardeners and nature lovers were surely treated with these stunning displays. Additional attention-catching topics were discussed to visitors such as The Knowledge of Bonsai, Biotechnology Products, Health, Fitness and Wellness, Vermi Composting Technology, Pineapple Jam Making,and Aquavermiponics -- a modern gardening technology.

Feb. 1-8   Vegetable Festival Week. Interact with animals and know the basics of farming during     these dates. And once you get to know how to milk a goat, ride the horse, and witness a chicken lay an egg, or plant coffee, cabbage, or flower -- you can opt to buy the farm produce product.

Feb. 15-22  Livestock Festival. Then learn right away from farm selection to breeding of goats and sheep on Feb. 15. Lastly, be trained how to practice food safety on Feb 22.

March 2   Horse Parade. A gala for this year of the horse. See different breeds of horses from thorough bred to miniature horses, display their beautiful statures as they parade together with their colorful and magnificent carts.

I happened to visit Paradizoo during January so I was pretty happy to see all the wonderful flower gardens and floral displays, veggie gardens, and the livestock! Its really a break from the city life and letting you experience the rural life. Definitely Educational! The first thing that we did there was tour the grounds. Grabe, I think ang dami namin nilakad! hehe. Yeah, we did a lot of walking coz the area was really really huge what with all the garden, plants, and areas for the livestock.

It also happened to be the official opening of the Eclectic Garden. The ribbon cutting ceremony was graced with the presence of Mr. Yupangco, Ms. Nikki Coseteng, and others from University of The Philippines, Los BaƱos.

Yes napa exercise ako ng husto. hehe. But I enjoyed seeing all these flowers and veggies! Parang ang sarap mag harvest. hehe. Ma try lang! All these plots of veggies makes me feel that I'm in a real life farmville talaga ha. (haha fb game irl? LOL!)




Farmville? Nope.. its PARADIZOO! :) 

And you can even buy some fresh produce off the land! Cool!

Oh they will also have a Pet Cemetery for those dear animals beloved by us who has passed away already. Yes if you want, you can be part of the opening of Noah's Ark, a comforting means of expressing a lasting tribute to your pet by selecting a burial vault and permanent marker in marble or granite.

Speaking of animals, YES THERE ARE ANIMALS! Most of them are in their pens where you can feed them. I think they also have an Animal Parade every Saturday so make sure you that when you get there, you are aware of the schedule happening for the day. 

Miniature Horses.. looks like huge stuffed toys. LOL!

 The Paradizoo Animal Parade!

 Me and Sofi feeding the rabbits with some carrots on a stick (literal carrot stick. haha)
And of course I couldn't resist "meeting" all the other animals as well!


Holding the leash of a Greyhound! Mabait daw toh. So I gave in to the urge to pet it. :P

So here's the Paradizoo Vicinity Map so you won't get lost. Told yah its huge!

 Did not had the time to ride one but apparently you can ride one if you want!

 Sayang, naka boots getup nako perfect sana for horseback riding. chos. haha!
Yes, ako na.. ako na ang natuwa sa Paradizoo. Hehe.

So yeah obviously you will learn a lot here at Paradizoo! They will exhibit and display farm produce, sale & auction of livestock (imported breeds of goats for milk and meat, sheep, several pig breeds animal feed, and a lot more). There will also be briefings, discussions on breeding programs, and free seminar on flower, vegetable, and livestock care.

So yes my fellow teachers, interested parents, and curious coffeeholics -- Paradizoo is ideal for picnics, educational field trips, outdoor and group outing programs. It is a fascinating paradise with soothing beauty of its flora and fauna. Also you can check out the Wedding Pavilion that they are setting up and also a Boot Camp. Paradizoo aims to turn itself into the perfect location for different events. 

I really had fun that day. But wait, there's more! Yes believe it or not, after ALL of that -- we then proceeded to the Residence Inn Zoo. Another venture of the Zoomanity Group. But for that, I will make a different post. So watch out for that! In the meantime, if you wish to try this Paradizoo Experience for yourself, do visit their website for more details or call them at these telephone numbers 8999828 or 08. 


Franc Ramon said...

I was able to visit Paradizoo a few years ago and I also had fun with the animals and plants there.

dmhyf said...

I have never heard of this place before. But my kids are looking for a farm to visit so this post of yours gives me a good idea! Thanks!

Kai Sensei said...

You should also try Residence Inn Zoo as well! Pero doon, its more about the animals.

Kai Sensei said...

Wow thats cool! I want to visit their other sites.. the one in Subic sounds interesting.