Friday, June 28, 2013

Throwback to BU5

Hey Coffeeholics! Its Throwback Thursday Today!  So let me give you a flashback of one of the awesome events I attended this June which was the Bloggers United 5! Who was there last BU5? :) Ang saya saya noh? I really enjoyed it though at a different perspective naman coz I went there not as a attendee but part of the BU5 staff (wooot! yesh shoutout to BU5 Power Team ni Ana!) I was able to attend the first BU and the third one so I was really happy that I got to participate in this latest installment of Bloggers United spearheaded by Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums and Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter. Thanks to them, this huge gathering of awesome social media influencers in fashion + beauty (and more!) was made possible. Now as much as I'd love to talk and talk, I'd rather let my photos speak for me. Coz basically that's what I was doing the whole time during BU5, snapping photos and feeding them to the BU5 insta. So take a look at my raw phots without the IG filters nga lang. hehe. Enjoy!

WARNING. The rest of this post is photo heavy. :) All photos were taken by ME using my Samsung Galaxy S2. At insta, the photos look so much better. Now on the PC it looks blurry. :P Sorry. 

Super Early BU5 Attendees! Wow grabe! And would you believe they were there around 9~ish!
Since I was there early, I was able to get photos before the BU5 Happy Shopper Chaos! :)


Welcome to the BLOGGERS UNITED BAZAAR - The 5th Installment. Bloggers United bazaar is where you can meet all your favorite bloggers! Its a meet, greet, and a shopping experience that any blogger or reader or follower or fasyown fasyown person shouldn't miss out! This is the perfect place to buy that much coveted stuff your fave blogger has at a lower price. From shoes, bags, to clothes, and accessories. It's pretty much a bargain hunter and fasyown shopper haven! Whenever I attend a BU5 event, I make sure that I check out the bags or shoes. 
Sometimes I snag the perfect find at a reasonable price! hehe!

Besides the bloggers, a lot of sponsored brands were there to support this event. Just couldn't help including this favorite photo that I took. Its a SHOE HEAVEN at S&H!!!! Brogues, Boots, and Sneaker Wedges galore! I WANT! hehe. I had to force myself to go away. Lol.
Work mode muna before shopping! hehe.


Kryz Uy made a lot of BU5 attendees very happy with her items and abot kaya price range! 

Maggie Wilson was one of the first blogger that I was able to take a photo of. She was very sweet and accommodating. I'm pretty much sure those who bought from her thought that as well.

Grabe LAUREEN UY's booth was one of the booths that were mobbed. As in chaos! There were literally people (ok gals! LOL!) who ran inside and headed straight to Laureen Uy and Camille Co's booth. :) I was able to snag a pair of awesome wedges (my only major buy at BU5!) at her booth coz we have similar footsize. hehe.


Camille Co's booth had a lot of items. Wasn't able to take photos of the booth with her there coz when she arrived grabe ang daming tao. Dinumog siya at si Laureen Uy! 

Dropped by Marj Sia's booth! She was super ready to meet with everybody even before the gates were open! Next BU, drop by her booth to check out her makeup stash. 

Ana Gonzales had a lot of accessories ready for all the BU5 shoppers! 
I love her flower head wreathes!

Nearly 10 am and the gates will open. Was shocked at the number of people waiting in line!

Bloggers Alyssa Lapid and Danika Rio shared a booth wearing their bright smiles for all BU5 shoppers and attendees!

Sarah Tirona all smiles as well! 
She has lots of interesting pieces in her booth and her shoes are just drool worthy!

Again went out and saw the super looooooooooooooong line!
Grabe! The BU5 Team was pretty happy to see a lot of people coming to the event! Yay!

This year, Bloggers United supported Diksyonaryo Atbp. It was a Donate A Book drive. 
Thanks to everyone who donated and brought books as well.

So while scouting everything outside, I was able to snag a photo of these two very pretty blogger sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso before they went inside the BU5 venue at SMX.

At an earlier post about BU5, I mentioned that one of the bloggers that I met and bought my first pair of H&M boots from BU1 blogger Rosanna Aranaz. She isn't a blogger anymore though. So imagine my surprise when I saw her at BU5 not as a blogger but as part of the team of Style Locale. They were the ones who made this cute map of BU5 for all BU5 attendees. 

Bumped into Paul the PR Guy and Seph Cham!

One of the perks when buying at BU5, you also get dibs on sale items! 
I Love Koi had a Buy 1 Take 1 promo that day. :)

Dani Baretto and some of the accessories she was selling. <3

Cebu bloggers Yves Camingue and Gizelle Faye were super busy that day! They had a lot of clothes! As in bundok bundok ng damit! BU5 shopping at its finest - "digging" and "fishing" for that perfect find. Part of the fun of BU5 shopping!

International blogger Maya Kibbel also attended the event! 

 Clothes and Makeup at Earth's and Lush Angel's booth. 

Krissy also sold clothes in her booth!

Divine Lee had a lot of makeup, stunning clothes, shoes, and accessories! 

Honey with her fierce shoes and bags! It was good to see her again.

Met with Kookie Buhain. I really love her style! I think its all that fierce black in her outfits.. LOL
It was cool talking with her. She tried to convince me to buy this wedge. Na super LIKE ko! 
BUT it was TOO BIG! huhu. I'm a size 6-6.5. Those were around 8-9! huhu. 


Adored these SUPER CUTE and AFFORDABLE accessories by Reese Lansangan!


Goofed up with Aivan Magno and Raleene Cabrera. 
Raleene sang at BU5 if I'm not mistaken. Gorgeous voice!

And that wraps up my Throwback to BU5. 
Many thanks to my cuz and bff SHOPGIRL JEN who convinced me to blog. Haha. Love you te!
My life has become more colorful thanks to blogging. Thanks din sa BU5!

And many thanks of course to Ana and Paxie!
I'm pretty much sure everyone who attended BU5 absolutely enjoyed it. :)

So coffeeholics, were you there at BU5? If not, watch out for the next installment of Bloggers United. Meron ulit nyan this year. YAY! :)


jaquiperez said...

Had so much fun during this time kai! Till the next bu installment! see you! :)

RebelSweetHrt said...

I've never attended BU before, so I guess I'm missing half of my life as a blogger haha! Hopefully I can go to BU6! :)

Kai Sensei said...

IKR! We need to meet up again soon. :)

Kai Sensei said...

Yes you should drop by on the next BU and prepare yourself for some serious shopping. :)

Rhea Bue said...

woahhh.. there's a lot of people nga..too bad I wasn't able to drop by there :(

MsEarth Rullan said...

It was nice to see you there and Jen not shopers na but assisting us in our needs! Inggit ako sa mga shoppers daming nice finds! I'm excited for #BU6 haha

Anne said...

another living testimony on the fun of blogging... nice!

Rovie Divinagracia said...

nalungkot ako na hindi ako nakapunta sa bu5. looks like it ws a nice event :D miss you kai! sana makita kita uli soon :D

Lovelee said...

It looked like everyone had a blast and I'm sure all did. So sad I was not able to go and see this shenanigan. Hope to do so next time around.. =)