Monday, June 17, 2013

Outfit Diary - Missing You

Hey Coffeeholics. This is a late outfit post. :P Better late than never eh? hehe. I was supposed to post this last May but a lot of things happened last Summer. One of the major things was that my Lola's health really deteriorated and I had to help out in looking after her. Kaya super busy ako. Then she passed away and went to be with the Lord immediately after Mother's Day. I really miss her a lot. I wasn't really that close to her pero naging close kami when she got sick and all of us (my titos and titas and us older cousins) took turns to take care of her. There were dark days. Days when all I could do was pray while she cried out in pain the whole time (nag bbreak down na body nya.. doctors advised to lessen her painkillers kasi di kakayanin ng kidney nya kasi mashado mataas ang creatinine nya). Then there came a time when she became lucid and the pain lessened and we were able to talk to each other and share stories and laugh. Those days were precious. She slipped away while it was my turn to look after her. A normal day. We talked. We laughed. Shared silent comfortable moments. And then she was gone. I thank God that I was given a chance to spend time with her up til her last moments. Even until now it feels surreal. So yeah Lola.. I'm missing you but I'm glad you are in Heaven right now. No more pain. :)

So that's why I barely have any posts last May. Sorry for the madrama at mahabang explanation. Anyway so here is my outfit post. I like it a lot!

Polo - Zara
Denim Pants - Landmark Bazaar

Accessories - H&M 

Sunnies - @Tangerineph (Follow her on Instagram!)

Animal Print x Animal Print! <3
Bag - Gifted from the US
Clogs - c/o Manels

So Coffeeholics, thank you for bearing with my madrama post. Hehe. How was your Father's Day yesterday? Hope you all have a great week! <3


RebelSweetHrt said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother... but on a more positive note, I'm totally digging your blings from H&M! :)

Serene Shikukeza said...

So sorry to hear about your lola. She's in good hands now. I like the heels!