Friday, November 30, 2012

SM Accessories Supreme Four Launch Event

Hey Coffeeholics! I bet everyone knows it already by now who are the new faces of SM Accessories, the Fashion Accessories Authority. Was your guess right? Well I for one am happy and privileged that I was able to witness the big reveal last November 15 at the Republiq, Resorts World.

It was my first time to be at Resorts World so I was really looking forward to this. Republiq was jam packed with lots of people all excited to see SM Accessories' big reveal!

SM has always been a household name since we were little so its not that surprising that SM Accessories has slowly has risen up to become known as "the fashion accessories authority". SM Accessories has also upped the field with the Supreme Four by their side. Of course we were all anxious by then to see the big reveal. But first we were treated by the fashion show to see the latest of what SM Accessories has to offer us this season.

loving the gold accessories here

Stylish, classic, and trend-setting accessories were paraded in front of us. From Urban Glam - where city fashion goes to high street to Blue Royale with its shining, shimmering blue elegance. These superb pieces were all eye-catching indeed! Then the Supreme Four were presented with much ado and presentation. So here are SM Accessories' Supreme Four!


Xian Lim

Georgina Wilson

Richard Gutierrez

Anne Curtis
(whose grand entrance appearing from a box did cause quite a stir!)
Of course an event is not as enjoyable if it weren't for the people you were with.. and these two lovely bloggers were my event buddies for the night - Jen ( and Tatie ( 

It was indeed a fantastic night and what made it more unforgettable was that I won in a raffle sponsored by SM Accessories and SMART bro. All we had to do was tweet during the event about the event.. I think I was only able to send like 3-4 tweets but I was one of the 7 lucky winners who won a Smart Android Tablet! Yay! What's more amazing is that Tatie also won! Hay sayang ate Jen didn't win. Hopefully next time. Anyway, more about these blessings on my previous post here. That really made the event all the more memorable to me.

Thank you SM Accessories!

I can't wait to get my hands on the latest items SM Accessories just launched this season. I already dropped by the SM department store to window shop in advance on what I wanted to buy.. and I saw the perfect thing to add to my accessories collection. What about you? Have you seen the latest collection? Do check it out and lets compare notes! Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday!

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