Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OOTD - Madly Magnificent Magenta

Dress - SM Surplus Shop
Black Cover-up Cardi - Bossini Ladies (Thrfted Find) 
Shoes - SM Parisian
Black ring - SM Accessories
Necklace - Girl Shoppe
Beaded Black Bracelet - DIY by a friend
Magenta Bag - Bought from Vern Enciso at BU3!

Hey Coffeeholics! Just wanna let you know that I'm not angry or mad. I wanted to see what the effect would be if I didn't smile at all for my outfit post. So what do you think? Is it too mataray or what? hehe. Still, I think smiling is so much better than going for a "mataray" look. Its been said that a SMILE can be one's greatest accessory. I remember one of my students would always remind me to smile (haha kahit mainit ang ulo ko.. hihirit yun! napapangiti tuloy ako.. hehe) and would swear that it makes me look younger. Haha. Sige na nga.

I love my Madly Magnificently Magenta BAG! I got it during the 3rd Bloggers United event last June. One of the things that I wanted to buy badly was a pretty bag and I had a strong feeling that I'd find one at BU3.. so when I saw this at the Enciso sisters booth, I fell in love! The most awesome part? I got it for a steal! :) A pop of color sure makes a lot of difference to an outfit.

Anyway, I've been busy with some things at work and some time to think about stuff which led me to be reflective and so I haven't been online. One of the things that I've come to realized during this time of reflection is that..  I badly need to lose weight. So recently one of my cousins has been pestering and encouraging me to exercise exercise exercise! So I've kinda started and we use work out dance videos to make it more fun. After 2 sessions I've come to the conclusion that dancing is HARD. I don't know which is better.. dance exercise video? Or kenpo/taebo type exercise video? I haven't tried ZUMBA yet but I will soon. So what about you? Do you have any suggestions on what exercise vid on youtube I can follow or watch? Please do share share share!

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