Friday, August 3, 2012

OOTD - Addicted to Black


Dress - Thrifted
Shoes - CLN
Bracelet - gift 
Watch - TIMEX c/o SM Accessories
Mother-of-Pearl Ring - my mom's.

Hey Coffeeholics! This outfit pic was taken last March and I forgot all about it until I stumbled upon it while clearing up some space on my laptop photo album. I wasn't really into sharing this but hey.. I wanna be real and how real can you get when one shares their body figure/weight problems to others eh? hehe.

Anyway, I wore this during the Recognition Day of my school. I usually emcee during the graduation ceremonies and so I wear a semi-formal dress. I wasn't planning to wear this at all. I already bought a lovely (lil black dress din!) at SM during one of their sale periods several months back. So imagine my horror when I decided to try out that dress several days before the Recognition day and found out that IT DIDN'T FIT ME ANYMORE. I was shocked, devasted, and depressed. Besides gaining weight, I was pretty stressed out that I had to find a new dress or buy a new one. Then I remembered this black dress which I bought at my favorite "ukay-ukay" store. I liked the dress coz it was black, the fabric was light, feminine, and fluffy (for lack of better term!). The detail at the bottom of the dress gave a light airy feel to it. And I felt confident enough to wear it during the Recognition Day which I did!

It doesn't look like it came from a thrifted shop right? No one believed that I was wearing something from an ukayukay store that day. Buti na lang! So now you know. hehe. Anyway, wearing BLACK has never failed me. I always feel confident and slimmer - a good morale booster. So what about you? Have you had a similar experience? What color do you wear when you wanna feel super confident or pretty? What's the greatest "find" you encountered at an ukay-ukay?  Don't forget to share share share!

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