Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OOTD - Emo in Converse Red Black and White

Top - Terranova
Denim Skirt - Thrifted
Sneakers - c/o Converse

Had this photo taken days before Valentines.. AND NO, I didn't wear this for a "pre-Valentine" look. haha. Nahh..
I just felt like putting on this getup to give homage to my college days emo look. haha!
Red Nail Polish ~ Maybelline
Watch - Timex
Accessories - c/o SM Accessories

Hey Coffeeholics! Yeah, its been a while since I've posted for my outfit diary. This month has been quite something for me. Just to clarify stuff, no I haven't been moping around hence my lack of posts on my blog. One thing led to another and well.. ta-da! No posts for sometime. LOL. The truth of the matter is, after the first week of Feb events, my laptop suddenly became out of commission due to the expiration of my antivirus subscription. It was several days before I was able to use my laptop again and then I got sick! As in almost a weekend of bedrest and lots and lots of sleep. This was all before Valentines day. Anyway, I survived. And believe it or not, actually celebrated what I call Hearts' Day (will post later about that) with my bffs. But this outfit post is NOT related to my being single and its the "valentines' month." (haha.. what's with all the mega denial?!) 

My now favorite pair of sneakers! Black and Red just brings me back to my good ol emo days!

Anyway, this outfit was inspired by my Red & Black Converse shoes. I LOVE IT! You know how it is when you look at a pair of shoes and suddenly an outfit comes to life just by looking at those shoes? Well that's what happened to me here. I suddenly felt like I was warped back to my college days! hahaha! I wore this church feeling a lil bit like Avril Lavigne for some reason (its the sneakers.. ). And yes, several people who already had my sense of style pegged couldn't resist coming up to me and asked why I wore this outfit (because it wasn't me daw... Hahaha. Tuloy na feel ko para ako bang nag cocosplay? haha!) But it was an outfit that I found really comfy with and I felt like I was really having fun.. particularly with the red accents of my shoes and nails. Haha.. so yeah.. this is my ode to my good old emo college days.

So what about you Coffeeholics? Have you had a day when you find yourself wanting to dress up like the way you used to in your college or highschool years? Would it still be "appropriate"? Or are you wearing that kind of style even until now? Do you still have that favorite pair of sneakers/shoes of days gone by? Let me know your story! 

Hope you have an awesome week!

mwah mwah,

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