Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shop Spotting with SMART MONEY


I had the coolest day with my "blog twin" JEN who invited me to go with her to the SMART Money Gathering Event. It was held at SM Megamall, Cyberzone at the SMART Jump Experience Center. 

I had no idea that there was such a place like this -- a techie "playground." I'm pretty much sure most of the guys out there will have fun checking JUMP out while their sisters, girlfriends, moms, or wives are doing some serious shopping at the mall. LOL.

Anyway I really enjoyed the time I had at the event coz I learned a lot! PinoyExchange owner Mike Palacios  gave a small talk on Creating Rich Customer Engagement for the online shop owners and bloggers who attended the event.

The advent of technology and the evolution of social media has indeed shaped and defined the unique world that we currently "shop" in. Social online media also played a role in influencing shoppers. With the power of "word of mouth" advertising through twitter, facebook, and blogs -- companies can reach out to their consumers faster! 

I for one appreciate the word of mouth recommendations which helped me overcome my fear of shopping online and getting scammed from online shops.  I was really skeptic and reluctant to buy at online shops before coz I was afraid to be scammed. But now thanks to social networking and social media, I can now buy online with no fear coz I now can gauge who or what shop I can trust based on their customer comments and testimonials. 

But I learned something more awesome! With SMART Money, I don't have to worry about any online transactions.

The trend nowadays is not only online payments but mobile payments as well! As the "texting" capital of the world, it is only natural that mobile payments will grow due to the increase of mobile phones here in our country. The same can be said worldwide. In the Asia Pacific Mobile Trend, the Philippines is now becoming a model for mobile money. And SMART Money has anticipated the needs of  Filipinos and so created this awesome way of easier mobile and online transactions.

So what is SMART Money? Well its an easy and safe way to do bank account transactions with your SMART Mobile Phone and with this you can also get your very own SMART MONEY Card  which is a Mastercard, letting you do ATM and debit card transactions, both in-store and online! 

Using your SMART MONEY CARD is very easy! Adding funds is easy breezy with these four options.

Consumers and online shops will both benefit from the SMART Money program. With SMART  Money's 2.5 Million Cardholders, online shop's can have their customer base expand.

So don't miss out the benefits you can enjoy with SMART Money card. I already have one and it was sent to me through mail this week. Get yours as well! Kindly visit their SMART Money website online.

Of course the event would not have been complete without a raffle. I didn't win but JEN did! Congrats Jen for winning 1 Thousand Pesos to be sent to your SMART Money Card. They also gave away 2 SMART Netphones. I would have loved to share to all of you the awesome news that I won a netphone -- but I didn't. hehe. Congrats to the winners of the new Smart Netphones.

Of course what is an event without meeting up with blogger friends Bec and Kei.      
I can't wait to use my new SMART Money Card! Its useful and definitely help me by leaps and bounds whenever I shop online or even use it as a debit card. Thanks SMART for giving me my own SMART Money card! You guys should get yours too. I plan to use mine when I buy at Asian Vogue soon. Hehe. By the way congrats to them for winning in the Shop Spotting Contest for Online Shops.

So Coffeeholics! Hope you have a happy Christmas shopping soon with your own Smart Money Card!!!

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