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PFW SS 2012 SM Ladies' Fashion and SM Parisian Shoes and Bags

Like I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I missed the first two days of  the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection for 2012 due to the fact that I was still in Boracay at that time. I had no regrets (it was after all my first time to go to Bora!) but I did felt a bit bad that I wasn't able to watch the L'Oreal Show with Michael Cinco. I really had wanted to watch it very badly because I saw his works in America's Next Top Model and wanted to see his latest.

Anyway, so the first show I got to watch was PFW SS 2012 SM Ladies' Fashion show last Tuesday night. I was pretty excited coz I was able to meet up with some of our blogger friends. Though I wasn't feeling totally ok that night, I really wanted to see the show. I didn't had a lot of tickets to PFW and I almost always looked out for SM Ladies Fashion coz well.. SM department stores are all over the nation. I think they have more than 50 stores already. With SM as a household name, everyone is indeed interested in what they have in store for us this season. Unfortunately, I am saddened to tell you my dear readers that my photos during the show aren't that nice. Not just coz I was seated a bit far off BUT because I could barely see the models on the runway and only had tiny glimpses of the shoes. Quite disappointing mind you coz I really wanted to see the latest SM Parisian shoes. But don't worry dears, I have a copy of their catalog for this coming season which I will share with you in a bit. In the meantime, here are some of my favorites and the best pics I got of the runway during the fashion show for SM Ladies' Fashion and SM Parisian shoes and bags.

My cam was at its super zoom mode here already so sorry for grainy quality.
At least we can see the gold strappy SM Parisian shoes!
First half of the show was focused on SM Parisian Shoes and Bags. The accompanying videos look cool and vintage which tells us a lot on what to expect for their collection. The models all came out looking like a blank canvas wearing short all white outfits while the only colored pieces on them were the SM Parisian shoes and bags that they were modeling. 

SM Parisian shoes and bag
I like the style of the bag. The mustard color though is not my taste but  it has a summer feel to it.
And that is the best photo that I have. All the rest were super blurry and didn't even get to focus on the shoes at all. So disappointing. So borrowed the following pics instead from StyleBible to show you my personal favorite SM Parisian shoes that are coming out this summer.

Oh shush. Boots are for all seasons. I am so getting this when this comes out. 
I SUPER LIKE!!!! Plus it looks comfy! Love the matching bag as well
Can't get enough of boots!!!

My sister would love this one!
The heels are pretty but I'm not probably gonna get that.
LOL. I don't think I will survive a day wearing shoes with those kind of heels.
Gimme flats, chunky, wedge, and platform heels anytime!
 Anyway, the next half of the show was more on the clothes. Check it out!

SM Ladies' Fashion - Chic Business or Office attire
Ladies' Night Out
Is that an SM PARISIAN shoe? If so, VERY NICE!
Jumpsuit Safari Look

Here is my crappy photo of this awesome looking purple outfit..
tried to look for a decent photo and..
Many thanks to Ms. Dailyfashionista for letting me borrow her pics!
See even the color is different from her cam's angle! lol!
But I LOVE this outfit. For me its the best!
Color blocking still in?
And for the finale - swim wear!

Met up earlier with other bloggers. But since we all couldn't sit together, Gel from So Gelleesh was seatmate throughout the entire show. Thanks for keeping me company! :) 

So Coffeeholics, what do you think? Want to see more what SM Ladies Fashion has in store for you?
Well here's more photos of what to expect from SM Ladies' Fashion when their spring/summer collection comes out. 

Jewel Tones - bold, bright, and vibrant hues fit for fashion royalty
Print Play - Creative mixes with graphic color blacks and eclectic prints
Shimmer Effect -  All things that sparkle and shine
- sequins, beads, glitters, and fabrics with sheen
Royal Opulence - Beautifully crafted shoes in luxe materials and exquisite detailing fit for a princess
Hint of Metal - Parisian's collection of high-heeled booties, wedges, and pumps with a hint of metal for that extra rock and roll shine
Wool Worthy - Re-boot your style with the cool season's hottest trend - ankle boots, lace-up boots, chunky, and wedge heeled boots with a fab fluff and snug fit.
The Handbag - Structured, two-toed or patent, the season's handbags are more than arm candy
Oversized Clutch - With holiday parties on the overdrive, these oversized clutches are great to have and to hold
The Lady Bag - Pretty, softly hued lady bags that celebrate all that's fun and feminine with chain straps and minimal hardware
My students were pleasantly surprised with the cool outfits and fab shoes that SM Ladies' Fashion has in store for us. So coffeeholics, watch out for these items as they make their debut at the SM nearest to you. 
Its NOVEMBER na! Christmas is just around the corner! And if you are wondering what I'd like for Christmas, I want SM PARISIAN BOOTS please! :) hihi.. This definitely goes on my Christmas wishlist. :) 


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