Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shopping at Phil-Cosmetics Expo

So as promised, I did go to the 4th Philippine Cosmetics Expo at SM Megamall. I had a fabulous time checking out the various booths there and all these lovely items which made me drool. I really had to keep myself in check. Good thing though I was able to meet up with some of the beauty bloggers while we were there and we were able to make some chika before heading back home.

Anyway, I know most of you who weren't able to go, you are probably wondering what it looks like. Well don't fret coz I did try my best to take as much photos as I could. The place was full of booths and a lot of people were visiting and checking out the familiar and not so familiar brands or products out there. So this post will be photo heavy ok! 

First stop - Bobbie and Chic Nail Polish Booth. I think the name of their booth is different but when you see the rack over there you will know that you got to the correct place. I was finally able to buy Bobbie's Cuticle Oil for a discounted price. I have been wanting to buy it coz of my hang nails. Also bought a polish which is suitable for work. (meaning a tame color.. LOL!) I will show all my purchases in another post.

I really like the kimono like dress!
Next booth that I saw was the Edwin Uy and Dave Ocampo booth showing off their designs. When I arrived at the expo, almost everyone was gathering at the activity area because the fashion show was ongoing showing off these fab designs. 

I could barely see the stage and was really lucky that I was able to take these photos. There were a lot of people cheering the models as they go onstage. I think there was a contest as well. Everyone was elbowing each other in this area so I decided to not stay in that area and visit other booths instead.

No this isn't my store. haha. This belongs to Kate Vergara of I bought a purple crackle polish from the store for only Php 90. I also got a chance to chat with her and see the other awesome stuff that she has made. She also showed me some of her nail art creations using acrylic paint which is very cool! There was a nail art competition earlier (wahh sad I wasn't able to watch it.) and Kate won 1st Runner Up! Check out her winning creation.

After visiting her booth I roamed around and took photos of booths. Both Horteleza and Kolours booths were offering a free hair color application once you buy the hair color products from their booths. I wasn't able to take a photo of the Kolours booth. :(

Also Ever Bilena were offering a lot of their products at a big discount. Cussons baby also had a photo with "Tinkerbell" (just guessing.. lol!) for kiddies as well. 

  Also visited iWhite booth. I've used iWhite years ago when I first saw their products at the Health and Beauty stores at SM. Their products are amazing especially how blackheads can be removed without any pricking on our part. I was invited to their iWhite event a month ago but I couldn't come due to a previous appointment. Looks like I missed a lot after I read the blog posts from the other bloggers who attended. One of their wonderful reviews was about iWhite's oil-free moisturizer. So I took the chance to buy a small satchet to try it out. 

iWhite moisturizer - Oil-free! 

Also dropped by Digital Traincase booth which was surrounded by a lot of ladies. I couldn't even get a squeeze in to take decent photos! These were all I got.

A lot of NYX products and YES the famous EOS Lip Balm!
Vain moment at Digital Traincase's Vanity Mirror.  LOL.
Garnier was selling their skin care regime at 50% off!

Other booths I visited is the OLEAH booth where I bought some whitening soap. And the Slim n White Booth which gave me free sample of their products. Hmm.. The slimming coffee sounds promising. :)

Slimming Coffee - Philippine Made!

There was a wig booth... (cosplayers here's your chance!) 

And the Sunshine Beauty Shop also were selling wigs AND false eyelashes at a very super affordable price!

 Each set had 10 pairs of falsies - a set costs only 150 pesos!

Also visited Dollface cosmetics which had a lot of cool selections. 
One of our friends bought a gel liner from them. 

Anyway, so this is the short tour of the expo. So coffeeholics, if you haven't visited it yourself, there's still time today to do so! Today's the last day so do drop by SM Megamall and check it out. Especially if you want to replenish your makeup kits! 

Next post will be the bloggers meetup at the Phil-Cosmetic Expo!


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