Thursday, September 1, 2011

OOTD - Boots and Tassels

Grey Top - Thrifted, Black Tank Top - H&M,
Black Denim Skirt -  Forever 21,  and  Black Boots - Thrifted
My white top is actually a "dress" that I found at a thrift shop. Yes, I love buying thrifted stuff. Especially if I get super awesome deals on fabulous looking clothes! Anyway when I saw this top, I knew it had potential despite the fact that some of the buttons were missing and it doesn't really fit me perfectly. 
It was cute and it looked a bit romantic coz it had ribbons on the side. So not knowing when or how I will wear it, I still bought it coz it only cost like Php 20! 
I hate seeing good material go to waste and be neglected. (an excuse that I use on myself to convince myself that its ok to buy! lol!) So I really did feel that I did help out in saving our environment by buying thrifted stuff. So anway,  I decided to wear it that day and I paired it off on the somewhat black ensemble I was going to wear. When I saw myself on the mirror I couldn't help grinning. Honestly, with the boots and gray top, I felt like my attire resembled one of the anime characters that I read/watch before. hihi. Anyway, I liked the look and am glad how it slightly accentuates the curves on my body. Ay laaaav eeet!

Bag -  care of TOMATO
photo credit here.
This new tomato bag that I havet right now is a bit small than my usual bags. I am really challenged by the minimal space that it offers. This is my second Tomato bag and I hope it will perform as good as the black studded one that I got during the tomato event. 

Tassel Earrings - from Eenah of
Earrings were hand made by Miss Genn D
When I saw Eenah showing her Exchange Gift Item (which was the tassel she bought from Genn), I started
wishing that the name she would fish out of my handy pocket was MY NAME. 
The Tassel was VIOLET. I just knew I had to have it. AND YES! The violet tassels and I were meant to be!
I really jumped for joy when Eenah announced that the one getting her gift was me.
I was super happy. I absolutely loved the earrings and immediately removed the white feather earrings that I was wearing at that time. Hmmm.. looks like I need to add some more to my collection.
Can't wait for Genn to "officially" open shop so that I can buy some of her 
accessory creations. Naks!

Tassel Earrings Galore!
Genn (who made these tassel earrings!), Aya, and Yours truly
So coffeeholics, what's your favorite accessory right now? Have you ever experienced that kilig moment when you stumble upon an awesome find at an "ukay ukay" shop? Do share! 

Thanks dears! Mwah!

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