Friday, January 30, 2015

Nicole Scherzinger Sizzles as Proactiv's New Endorser

Hey coffeeholics! Guess whose Proactive's brand new endorser? Well who else but the very lovely Nicole Scherzinger! And well who hasn't heard of Nicole Scherzinger? Her fabulous face and equally wonderful voice is definitely memorable especially when we all found out that she's one of our very own kababayan. Nicole is actually of Filipino/Hawaiian/Russian descent and her charisma knows no bounds. Her international sex appeal needs no translation. Bet you didn't know that her rise to fame and success wasn't always smooth and easy. She was raised in a modest household by her mom and German-American stepfather, her humble upbringing didn’t deter her from pursuing her burning ambition to become a singer. She exploded into the pop scene as the lead singer of the Pussycat Doll. I was pretty impressed with her awesome vocals and she just exuded this aura of exotic beauty and confidence. One of my favorite songs that she has rendered as part of the Pussycat Dolls was Jai Ho. Absolutely loved her vocals there! Then she embarked on a solo career as a recording artist, selling a total of 60 million records. She also has film experience, won Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars and was a judge at the UK and US editions of The X Factor.

Her Proactiv Story

So how did Nicole got to know about Proactiv? It all started with one of her friends in her band. She must indeed be a good friend because we all know that even if someone has radiant, glowing skin like Nicole, you must still work hard to maintain it that way. Her friend had really bad breakouts and blemishes that really scarred her skin. But then her friend discovered Proactiv and blossomed.

“I feel like in my line of work, I’m always under the microscope. It’s quite traumatic when you have an acne breakout and blemishes because you wake up and you’re hoping that your face is clear,” she shares. Fortunately for Nicole, she found a beauty ally, which allows her to emphasize her personal philosophy that sexiness starts from having clear, blemish-free skin. In no time, she grew to be a Proactiv lover as well.

“They say that the eyes are the windows to our souls, right? But when you have an acne breakout, nobody’s looking at your eyes. They’re looking at your appearance. But when you get clear, they can see you for who you really are,” Nicole says. “With Proactiv, I’m empowered now. I can hold my head up higher. I can smile bigger. And I can put the energy on other people.”

Why Nicole chooses Proactiv over other acne medication

Nicole chose Proactiv because of the benzoyl peroxide formulation found  in Proactiv’s 3-Step System. It works safely and more effectively than other products claiming to have benzoyl peroxide in the market. The Proactiv Combination Therapy acne management system combines finely-milled, prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide with sulfur and soothing botanicals like allantoin, panthenol, aloe and chamomile. Together these ingredients gently exfoliate your skin, unplug your pores, attack acne-causing bacteria and soothe inflammation.

Here is what Nicole Scherzinger, certified beauty icon, wants you to know about Proactiv:

“What would I say to somebody who has gone through breakouts and blemishes? That there’s hope. That you can take control. That you can do it. That you can change. Proactiv gives you clear skin. It gives you clarity of mind and self and spirit. I would say that you can take charge of your life again. You can be empowered. You can be who you are meant to be.”

So my dears, if you have been lamenting about all those breakouts and blemishes, Nicole herself said it. There is HOPE. :) You too can have clear beautiful skin. All you have to do to get your hands on Proactiv Solutions is to drop by the nearest Watsons and SM Department Stores (Beauty Section). Or better yet, you can order online and have it delivered to you! Just click this link. Have a great weekend!

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