Sunday, June 15, 2014

The SM Woman Collection

Hey Coffeeholics! Have you heard? SM Woman is now here. With SM Woman, it's fashion day, EVERYDAY! Check out what SM Woman has in store for us.

The SM Store brings together its trademark collection of women’s fashion labels under one name: SM Woman, which will be showcased on Philippine Fashion Week at the SMX Convention Center.

SM Woman celebrates the stylish modern woman – dynamic and exciting, yet casual and relaxed.  She is a career-driven individual who also loves her leisure time. No matter where she goes, from the city to the boardroom, home, and beyond, every day is a completely new experience.

SM Woman clothes highlight the different aspects of her eclectic.

FASHION is the magical thread that holds these different aspects of a woman’s life together. It’s a medley of styles that will keep the SM Woman always ahead of the fashion scene.

CAREER. The SM Woman sends out a fashion memo that power is not always wrapped in rigid construction but also in genius tailoring and creative styling. High on the style agenda are clothes that work wonders in the boardroom and beyond, from office hours activities to after-office events.

EVENING. Modern and elegant pieces combine to create an impressive range of options for an uptown sophisticate ensemble or downtown glam look.

RESORT. It’s eternal sunshine with fashion picks that will brighten up the stylish SM Woman. Playful prints and lightweight pieces you can take to the beach or the city streets.

It’s Fashion Day. Everyday. for the SM Woman.

The SM Woman Collection

SM Woman’s premier collection was launched at Philippine Fashion Week.  These are on-trend clothes that celebrate versatility and the power of mix and match.

Neoprene. Capture effortless luxe with lightweight style and uplifting breathability. Mid-length dresses provide a clean minimalist vibe evoking a strong look with a premium feel.

New Age Digital.  These are prints that jump from techie tablets to the runways - randomly positioned geometric shapes juxtaposed with spliced patterns create a riveting montage for a variety of occasions.

Windowpane Checks. Timeless black and white goes geometric with graphic simplicity.

Artistic Floral. Hand-drawn floral patterns emphasize illustrative techniques in appealing painterly blooms, artful splashes of color and life bring a vibrant look to party wear with elegant flair.

Industrial Graphics. Swirled marble and granite, grayscale graphics, scratchy patterning, and disrupted checks highlight new ways to celebrate industrial style.

Resort. From beach to cabana and beyond, resort rules with feminine watercolor prints on light chiffon, and tropical and abstract patterns on robes and loose harem pants.

The new SM Woman collection is available at all The SM Store. Woohoo.. Can't wait to check it out at The SM Store! 

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