Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Open Snap Philippines - A Must for Foodies

OpenSnap Philippines is here!
Hey Coffeeholics! How is your summer so far? Who did some food tripping during the break? (raises hand.. haha) Everyone loves to eat and I bet (just like me) you take photos of your food as well.

One of my cousins and I would joke, "Pinakain mo na ba phone mo? (Have you fed your phone already?)" referring to me snapping a photo of the dishes at a restaurant where we were eating. Well my dear co-foodie, I found a better way of "feeding" my social media feed with pictures of food through this amazing brand new mobile App here in the Philippines called OpenSnap!

Yes, eating has somehow evolved to a social/technological experience as well with the advent of smartphones and the internet! haha. Yes, I'm sooo guilty in that aspect of taking photos of food and sharing it on my social media accounts. I can't help it! I love to share to my friends and to the world (chos! haha) about a particular food that I've tasted, fell in love with, and want other people to experience it as well. Now thanks to Open Snap, it will make "sharing the food love" so much better.

At the launching of OpenSnap where they explained what OpenSnap is all about and how we can easily use it on our smartphones!

OpenSnap is a revolutionary mobile application for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users where they can find popular restaurant spots through food photos uploaded by friends and families. It is the first & unique food photo app in the Philippines and Asia that allows users to create personalized food albums & share their dining experience with friends and families wherever and whenever!

Connected to the OpenRice database, OpenSnap allows users to locate over 1 million restaurants in the Philippines and in Asia, share dining experience, and identify OpenRice members, as well as Facebook friends and Celebrities. It allows Filipinos to enjoy local and  worldwide cuisine on their fingertips with the support of advanced i-cloud technology.

Food that we ate at HEAT Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Hotel
The soup was the best! Loved it!
OpenSnap offers a user friendly and convenient approach to creating one’s own food photo albums, photo sharing, hash tag locations, photo filtering and use of stickers in photos.  OpenSnap users can also tag their friends in their photo uploads, as well as share the information to their personal social networking platforms, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo.

Here's some tips in taking photos for OpenSnap:

The  major  features of OpenSnap include:

1. Use food photos to search nearby restaurants - Users can search nearby restaurants by browsing photos uploaded by friends. It helps you to save the time to locate alternate dinning locations while lining up long queue at the designated restaurants.

2. Create and share your personalized restaurant albums - OpenSnap provides users with personalized restaurant albums and easily share their dining experience wherever and whenever! Users could check the restaurant details by clicking the food photos, with more supplementary information for a perfect dining experience.

Just started my own album. You can also add friends and like their photos.
Add me - kaisensei. :) I will follow back!
3. Browse  over 1 Million restaurants in Asia - OpenSnap has an advanced search function to reach out dining photos and restaurant information of  other Asian regions such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and HongKong.

4. Photos come with a wealth of information – Each food photo provides the user with restaurant address, map, contact details, reviews and comments.

And that's one of my photos on open snap! I ate at Cafe Adriatico at Gateway Mall Suites with my family. That's where we celebrated Mother's day. :) The food was awesome! And yeah, looking for what to eat in the mall or the nearby areas was so much easier when we used this app. Its very very useful! So not only OpenSnap becomes your personal food photo album and social media sharing tool, but its also an app that will help you when you make some of the most difficult decisions ever that you have with your barkada:  "Saan kakain?" or "Kahit saan na lang?"

Hehe. Your problem will be solved with this cool app. Wala ng away away. hahahaha. The app is available for android or iPhone users. The only thing I noticed though that it's mostly available for the latest android versions. They are still in the works in making it available for lower android versions (like for my phone. haha! I used my sister's ipad for my opensnap account). Thank you very much OpenSnap for inviting me to this event! Hope you all have a "full" summer! :)

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