Saturday, January 11, 2014

Outfit Diary - A New Beginning

Hello Coffeeholics! Let me just formally welcome you to the year 2014! Haha chos. Yes, now that its 2014 its time to say goodbye to the old and say hello to the new. I want to face 2014 in a positive frame of mind.. body.. soul.. and spirit. :) So for this year's first entry on my outfit diary was actually taken during the Christmas Break when our family went to Tagaytay. :) If you want pretty pretty photo shoots.. this is the place!

First stop - JOSEPHINE RESTAURANT. While waiting to be served, we had some time to have pictures taken in their garden over looking the wonderful view of the Taal Volcano. 
Tried to have a photo with the Taal Volcano at the back but it was too foggy. :( 

Being in the city with all the concrete, the high rise buildings, and malls makes one really appreciate all these greenery and flowers and gardens here in Tagaytay. Loved it! 
After having a late lunch at Josephine Restaurant, our family and I headed over to Sonya's Garden.

I so loved it there at Sonya's Garden. They have a bakery where we bought yummy cheese hopia. 
They have this shop where you can buy customized furniture.
They have a restaurant and function rooms perfect for weddings. I should know. 
My brother and his wife got married here. 

 They also have a spa which I really wanna try next time I go here.
Super bango ng spa.. we could smell the herbs and scents coming from the spa up from the stairs pa lang! 

Dress - Thrifted
Cardigan - Bossini
Wedge - Memorata
Shades and Bracelet - @Tangerineph 
Ring - Girl Shoppe
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger c/o SM Accessories
Bag - borrowed from my sister


Super LOVE LOVE LOVE the violet background. :)


Anyway I really enjoyed this photo shoot. Many thanks to my sister Laura for taking the photos and directing (? haha). Having this blog since 2010, I never thought it would evolve to this.
And so after four years, I finally decided to get my own domain! :)


Hello hello to a new beginning. Looking forward to a much more fun filled blog posts this year. 
Many thanks to Jaycee for helping out and of course Shopgirl Jen for encouraging me.
So yes I'm definitely looking forward to an awesome 2014.
To celebrate this, I'll be holding a giveaway starting tomorrow. :)

Happy New Year! <3 Kai

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