Monday, November 25, 2013

SM Accessories - Unleash The Power of Style

SM Accessories - The Fashion Accessories Authority
I'm a huge fan of accessories and that's mainly because my mom is fond of them too. So I'm very pleased that I was able to see the progress of SM Accessories and how it has grown to become the fashion accessories authority. Last year, SM Accessories collaborated with the SUPREME FOUR - ANNE CURTIS, RICHARD GUTIERREZ, GEORGINA WILSON, AND XIAN LIM - some of the hottest celebrities and style icons.

Well this year, SM Accessories decided to branch out more by introducing its TEEN ROYALTIES - ENRIQUE GIL, JULIA BARRETO, KATHRYN BERNARDO, AND DANIEL PADILLA. These teen "royals" showcase the brand's young, fun, and carefree side, reaching out to a whole new generation of fashion accessories authority. Plus of course with Xian Lim, Georgina Wilson, and Anne Curtis -- SM Accessories has really came out with a strong turn out so far!

Bongga diba?! Fierce na kaagad ang stage!
So I was able to watch the launching of SM Accessories' Unleash The Power of Style at the New MegaTent at Libis. Though getting there was such a pain (hirap pag commuter promise! haha) still it was worth it! I love the stage, the roominess of the place, and the overall effect of the catwalk na may "pond" pa sa gitna. Sosyal! Haha. Galing! You gotta see it to believe it! Here are some of my photos (thanks to my phone.. haha. hopefully when I get my hands on a Sony Xperia Z1, photos will be better!) of the event.

DJ Nina supplied the beats to the fierce rhythm of the event!


Xian Lim for SM Accessories

Georgina Wilson for SM Accessories. Yes, metallic angel wings ang peg!

Enrique Gil for SM Accessories
Julia Baretto for SM Accessories. Love her outfit!

 Kathryn Bernardo for SM Accessories

Daniel Padilla for SM Accessories
TEEN ROYALTIES Enrique Gil, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Julia Baretto
unleashing their style for SM ACCESSORIES!
 Ang totoo ay ang habol ko talaga dito sa photo ay yung super cool background FIERCE FELINE (Tiger nga ba din yung white?) panaroma sa stage. Galing galing noh? LOVE IT!

Eto yung water effect dance chorva - they were dancing on this "pond" or huge puddle of water. Buti na lang wala ako sa pinakaharap. Baka natalsikan ako ng tubig nyan.. hehe. 

ok.. BOW ako kay Anne Curtis! She's soooooo fierce here! Yes you could hear the "roar" hehe. She gave new meaning to the word CATWALK. haha. Yes nag cat pose sya with her hands.. huhu just when I snapped the photo, someone's cam blocked the view so bummer. :P
Yes bongga ang attire and accessories! 

And there you have it. SM Accessories has gone into fierce feline mode. :)
Congratulations to this batch of Fashion Accessories Authoritiy!
Yay that was fun! Here are some other photos that I took during that time. 


With Keigh and Bec! <3

With Aie Corpuz
with Keigh! Yay so happy to be able to hangout with you again! :)

Dress - Thrifted
Shoes - SM Parisian
Belt and Cuff - SM Accessories
Bag - Forever21

Di kinaya ng lights sa background ng Cellphone Cam ko. Wahaha. Sorry naman. I have a decent photo but its on someone else's cam. I don't have the copy yet soo.. :) Anyway coffeeholics, I will now leave you with a sample of SM Accessories new lovelies for us to gush over! Check them out yourself at the SM Department Store nearest to you. Have an awesome week!

Dazzle Dosage Collection

These are the SM Accessories New Collection - Dazzle Dosage, Minutes to Midnight, Off the Boat, Urban Military, and The Arts of Highlights.

Dazzle Dosage plays with the simplicity of geometrics by adding the luxury of embellishment bringing an aura of elegance to the Ladies Accessories line. 
Minutes to Midnight highlights exquisite jewel tones - magentas, purples, and blues for stylish ladies
Off the Boat makes waves with nautical colors for the Men's Accessory line.
Urban Military brings barracks style to the streets with leather, bronze and antique gold hardware as well as a green, blue, gray, and black palette.
The Art of Highlights is a play on dark tones with red, blue, or tan stripes.
Sleepless Rust is all about merry metallic-bronze, matte silver, and rust. 

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Leau Andreea said...

Wow! I have to admit that this is my first full presentation that I like it from the beginning to the end. I love it! Now, I'm really sorry that I couldn't see it live, because I'm sure it would be more amazing.

Franc Ramon said...

I like their roster of endorsers as they capture a lot of demographics and age groups from the celebrities they have.

Angie Vianzon said...

Wow! I have to say lumelevel up na mga acessories ng SM. Not that hindi sila maganda pero super ibang-iba na mga accessories nila nowadays kesa dati.

Peach said...

what an amazing blog you have!<3 If we could follow eachother on GFC, that would mean a world to me:) Thank you so much for a such an inspirational blog!<3 xx peach

Joshua said...

I am no fashion expert but I would not mind watching Anne Curtis and Georgina Wilson walk on a runway though.
-Wanderer Juan

Jem Alvarado said...

Yes! Ang galing ng fierce feline background and you captured it so nice. SM almost got it all, whatever you need they have it in their mall :)

BlogGirl said...

Usong uso na talaga ang fierce na theme ngayon. hehe Lovin' these 4 teens, bagay na bagay sila sa SM accessories

dmhyf said...

I would like to attend an event like this one day to see those actresses model! Do you honestly see the accessories? Haha! The models and the outlandish clothes take too much attention off the accessories they are supposed to model. :)