Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outfit Diary - Crazy Lines Crazy Times

 Top - Thrifted :)
Denim Jeans - Bench
Necklace - My sister's
Bag and Wristband - SM Accessories (Men's)
Shades- @Tangerineph
Brown Boots - Nine West

Hey Coffeeholics! Its been a while since I've posted an outfit shot so here's one of my outfit posts a few weeks back. As you all know, I have a day job as a teacher. Hence the sensei in my name. So the faculty of our school had to attend this leadership seminar (from which I've learned a lot). Since it was one of the rare times I could wear a different outfit during teacher mode, I decided to wear this.

One of my dilemmas as a blogger teacher is trying to get out of the "teacher look" stigma. In all honesty, I hate uniforms that make me look like a teacher (hala self denial? HAHA. di po ah!) coz frankly and bluntly speaking, teacher uniforms are ugly. (*cries*) My "fashion" blogger persona is greatly offended by the uniform. Hehe. So I rejoice when we are allowed to wear something presentable but still "professional" looking when I'm on teacher mode.


So I decided to go with this look. With my body type, structured polos are flattering. So when I found this polo at my favorite thrift shop (yes I will talk about Ukayukay soon. haha.) Super natuwa ako. I felt like I was wearing "cappuccino" please don't ask me why. It was the first thing that popped in my mind when I saw that top. Why I'm so crazy about the top is its crazy lines. It messes your vision. Its a psychedelic optical illusion! hehe. Diba? When you close up and zoom in on my outfit shots, the lines look neat and clean. When zoomed out, it looks like an optical illusion! Sabi nga ng isa kong friend, nakakahilo nga tingnan ang blouse ko sa malayo. Haha. Cool. All the more to distract you from my lovehandles dears! haha.

Also recently, I've been into SM Accessories' Men's Collection. I really love the black bag that I got. Even though it was made for men, gals can use it too! Its roomy and somewhat rain proof which we need now due to the rainy season. Also love the leather wristbands that can be found at SM Accessories' Men's Collection. Yes I kinda like those as well. :) SM Accessories is on SALE this month! So don't forget to check out SM Accessories at all the malls nationwide, maybe the accessories that you've been dying to have has been marked down. :) Don't miss out on that opportunity! :)  Read more about the SM Accessories Sale here.

Outfit Posts with my co-teachers! :)
So Coffeeholics! Do you wear a uniform or not? What's your opinion about uniforms? Do you think a student will respect the teacher more if they are wearing uniforms? Anyway, these are just some questions running in my head. What I wanna know is your opinion! Watcha think? Do comment below and let me know!  :)


Gellie Abogado said...

It's okay to not wear uniforms long as the teacher gives off this educated and sophisticated aura like you, teacher Kai! :)


alina said...

nice look .)