Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Sweet Treat for Mom at Cafe 1771

MOM. MOTHER. MAMA. MOMMY. NANAY. INA. Whatever name you call her, she's definitely this one person in your life that definitely deserves more than one day of celebration every 2nd Sunday of May. Her love, her care, and her support to her family is incomparable. So whether its this coming Sunday or any ordinary day, don't forget to always tell your Mom how much you love her. And of course, for us coffeeholics what better way to treat our awesome mothers than by something sweet at Cafe 1771!

My mom and I! Love her outfit here. So classy!
From the smooth and velvety to the sweet cakes without the guilt, Café 1771 presents its homespun cake creations that will surely make mom feel special. From the petite cake to a festive cake size portions for the whole family, these cakes are perfect for the family’s celebration table.

If thinking of a dessert that will signify love and admiration, Rose Noire (P250 net) is a delightful surprise, especially for someone who’s a certified chocolate lover. Lavish layers of Valrhona dark chocolate with hazel nut praline that sits on a crunchy crust, this chocolate-loaded creation also comes with a surprise at the center: a croquantine for some crunch and dark chocolate flavor with a distinct praline taste.
Cafe 1771's EVASION
For something that can make anyone dive right in, Evasion (P270 net) gives this promise: an evasive combo of white and dark chocolates with cream cheese and fresh strawberry in a lightly crispy feullentine at the center. What’s more to love? It’s not too sweet and amazingly creamy.
Cafe 1771's Gianduja Truffle Mousse
Light, pillowy and comes with a nutty center, the Gianduja Truffle Mousse (P250 net) combines the dark and white chocolate praline flavors.  Structured with elements that will surprise the palate, its sweetness comes from the base made of chocolate sponge then followed by marshmallows with cashew nuts and topped off with chocolate mousse as a velvety finish.
Cafe 1771's Sugar-Free Coffee Pie
And who wouldn’t want the 1771 Group of Restaurants signature dessert, the sugar-free coffee pie (P220 net)? An epic recipe from the family of Executive Chef Vicky Rose-Pacheco for over twenty years, the addicting secret is in the crisp texture of the combined flavors of Dutch cocoa and coffee with cashew nuts. And with no bells and whistles or outré ingredients, this version is sweetened with coconut sugar and lightly dusted with cocoa for an awfully memorable dessert minus the guilt.
A good cake not only serves as a delightful centerpiece—the very presence of it on the table marks a celebration itself. For an extra touch of something dreamy and decadent to make mom feel special, give these mini cakes as a surprise, guaranteed to communicate your love. For advance orders, call 631-7340.

Café 1771 is located at 1771 El Pueblo, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Operating hours from Monday to Saturday is 7am to 10pm while Sunday is 7am to 3pm. For inquiries, call 631-7340/470-6559/0917-8660442.


So Coffeeholics, if you want to give your Mom a special sweet treat -- drop by Cafe 1771! I would definitely treat my mom with the light and creamy Evasion while of course I'd be tasting the Sugar-Free Coffee Pie. It looks so delicious! 

So what about you coffeeholics? What are your plans for your mom this Mother's day? Treat her out or buy a gift? Share your ideas here!

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