Thursday, April 25, 2013

OOTD - 27 Days of Summer


Orange Top - Thrifted
Spaghetti Strapped Top - Bazaar
Dark Blue Jeggings - Landmark
Belt - SM Accessories
Shoes - c/o SM Parisian
Eyeglasses - Pacific Blue
Leather Cuff - c/o SM Accessories
Timex Watch - c/o SM Accessories
Ring - Girl Shoppe
Necklace - c/o SM Accessories

Hey Coffeeholics! How are you all handling the summer? Well if you have noticed, the weather this week has finally relented and its not as hot as it was last week. Yay for us! Nevertheless, Summer is indeed awesome coz its really the time for you to wear bright happy colors that just shouts summer. You know how I rarely wear colored clothing but because of the heat, I've decided to really try out different colors than black. I'm soo happy with how this look came together. Being a bit conscious of my heavy figure, I was glad that I was able to. make myself look not that fat with this color. The secret that made this look pop for me was the belt. I don't normally use belts but if I hadn't put that belt and arranged my top in this way then I'm pretty sure it would have made me looked blah and fat. Also, the animal print shoes from SM Parisian and SM Accessories helped a lot to liven up my look. I really loved this! It makes a whole lot of difference when you know that you look good coz then you feel good. That's one important factor I always try to achieve when I dress up. Anyway, I had fun in the photo shoot many thanks to my friend RACHE the fashionist architect. The yellow car in the background helped me feel like it was a vintage~ish look. Hehe. It was an awesome accessory to my photoshoot. :)

So do you have a particular outfit or article of clothing that when you wear it always make you feel a winner? Drop a comment below and let me know! Have a happy summer!


Andreea Happy Intern said...

It is indeed a vintage~ish look and I really like it. I would like to see more photos like these ones. And I like you outfit, especially the orange one :)

Gellie Anne Abogado said...

You look awesome, Kai. Parang blooming ah. :D

Fred said...

The color of your blouse is eye-catching and the outfit looked good on you.

Kai Sensei said...

thanks a lot Fred! :) and thanks for dropping by... :)

Kai Sensei said...

hi gel! thanks! haha.. inspired lang ako nung day na yun.. haha.. sana ganyan lagi mga ootd photo shoots ko

Kai Sensei said...

hi dear! thanks so much. I was surprised as well that the color would look good with me. thanks for dropping by!

Franc Ramon said...

The orange top really stands out of summer and is also a relaxing color.

Kai Sensei said...

Thanks! When I saw the top, it felt super appropriate for summer.

Rovie Divinagracia said...

winner ang thrifted orange top!! ukay tayo soon! miss ko na kayo ni mommy jen :D

Pretty Ugly said...

I love your top and your shoes. Vintage-ish indeed.

I feel like a diva whenever i'm wearing an evening dress. :D