Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From a Coffeeholic Blogger to a Coffeeholic Teacher

Hey Coffeeholics!!! I'm back!!!!! Yeah I know I still can't believe myself that I actually was able to NOT go online for more than a month. It was a conscious decision on my part. I had to do it for my sanity (lolz..), health, and rest. The major reason why I haven't been online these past few months is due to my work. I've been extending hours in school to train and coach several of our students for a week long competition where they will compete with other schools with the same curriculum as ours in the areas of academics, athletics, speech and drama, arts and exhibts (including photography and needlework), and music (vocal & instrumental). I coach/train students in the academics and needlework category. Plus I accompanied them during the competitions itself (which was last week). The training and coaching was tiring which explains my online disappearance. Most of the time, I go home wiped out and have no strength (seriously!) to open my laptop much less type. I really wanted to blog but I needed the rest. I know I missed a lot of events and good blogging opportunities (sighs.. >__<) But then.. the results in the end truly paid off! Here are some photos of some of the stuff my "kids" did which I'm so proud of.. proud that they were able to accomplish it and not only that.. bag medals because of it!

Oil Pastel - won 1st place!
(no I didn't coach them in arts.. hehe. just wanna show you guys their talent!)

Acrylics - 1st Place din sa competition.. one of my favorite pieces!
Watercolor - 5th Place
This is also one of my favorites! Its also the wallpaper on my cellphone now. 

AFGHANS (crochet)
3rd Place
I helped "coached" and train my student in this one. 

Embroidery - 1st Place

This is one of the most difficult pieces of embroidery that any of my students made.
The design came from an oil painting that she saw but the rest she did all by herself.
I just helped pick out the types of stitches she will do and gave some suggestions.
I can't help but be amazed by all the students' gifts and talents and hard work. They all did an amazing job and I'm so proud of them. Not all of them won but the experience and the lessons that they all learned through all of this will hopefully spurn them on to further develop their skills and talents and encourage them to give their best. I'm grateful to God that it all paid off! We went home with the overall award in academics and third overall in arts and exhibts and in music. Truly God has been good to my school and to the kids. So yeah, all the abstinence on the net and focus on them was all worth it. :) Seeing their happy faces especially when they got their medals was worth it.

So yeah, this basically sums up what I've been doing when I wasn't online. Hehe. Thank goodness for food supplements, vitamins, and a whole truckload of coffee to keep me up and running. I'm finally able to get that  much needed rest and catch up on my backlogs (ack. >_< super sorry about that!) this sembreak. Yay sembreak! Hahaha.. yes, the perks of being a teacher is awesome. So I'm glad to be back and yes.. Brew of  The Day is back in service. :)

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