Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Social Media Quiz and Teacher Personality Test

Out of the million things that I can do on the internet, one of my secret joys is answering online quizzes or tests especially if it is supposed to describe my personality or something about me to help understand myself. I don't know why, honestly.. maybe its the aspiring "career guidance counselor" in me who wants to find out all about this stuff. Anyway, I just thought to share it to you guys and maybe you'd be interested to find out more about yourself as well.

As I was browsing through various blogs that I've followed and encountered, one of the entries by Kira Permunian really caught my attention and I decided to give it a try myself. It was a quiz with a most challenging question.."How addicted to Social Media are you? So I clicked on the image and tried the quiz myself and answered the questions as HONESTLY as possible. And THIS is my result:

This quiz was provided by - BlueGlass - Media Experts

I had to laugh when I found this out. I'm glad I'm not TOO addicted to Social Media. LOL. But the number is still a bit alarming. The funny thing is, I bet there are a lot of people out there who have probably the same number or even a higher percentage than mine. Nowadays more and more people are glued to their social networks and being influenced so much by social media. People now value the number of followers they have on twitter or the number of Facebook "likes" a person has on their own pages. Followers and "likes" are indicators of how much influence or clout an individual has. Oh and there are even companies now who help individuals get that clout through free facebook likes. Amazing eh? Still for me, the bottomline is -- I should really spend more time on real life activities.

Also I stumbled upon this "What type of teacher are you? TEACHER PERSONALITY QUIZ" According to the site, its not really accurate. It is nonscientific and mostly meant for fun. There are several types -- the ditto master, the strict disciplinarian, the fair and balanced, or the popular teacher. Of course my result was the "Fair and Balanced" which definitely made me happy. LOL. Yep, this test was made just for fun eh! Anyway, here was the full description of my result:

You have the Fair and Balanced Personality:

You are a teacher who students can really depend on to be fair. You are consistent and balanced in your approach. You rarely raise your voice and you almost always treat every student the same. No favortism in your room. Wonderful!

Seriously though...: Fair and balanced teachers make teaching seem easy. They have less disruptions in their classes because students realize that they will be dealt with according to the rules but in a fair and consistent way. If you ever slip up and do something that students perceive as unfair or inconsistent, don't worry - they'll be happy to point it out.

And if you are wondering, YES, I try my best to be FAIR and BALANCED. I want my students to like me but I also want them to learn! lol. Ok, thats all for now. Time for me to go to sleep. Will be subbing for one of our summer school teachers tomorrow.

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