Friday, August 13, 2010

De-Stress ME!

I apologize for my absence for sometime. Things in school has been hectic since we are nearly at the end of the quarter and a lot of activities has come up. I confess I'm guilty that I have lots of draft notes floating around here in the net that I haven't finished due to soooo many distractions coming up. I still plan to publish some but for now, I'm letting them stew there.

This post though I swear I'm gonna finish. I have to. Coz I'm starting to stress out coz its the end of the quarter and well, its that time for us teachers to encode those report cards! Honestly, its one of the LEAST favorite things for me to do. It kills me coz its long, its tedious, and its raising the hackles of my obsessive compulsiveness tendencies to check and recheck and triplecheck if I got those grades right. AND thats not all... making them is PAINFUL.. especially whenever I have to encode not so high grades.. or worse! I feel the pain and frustration of the student and it makes me crazy coz I end up wondering where it went wrong. Was I too strict? Was I not able to explain it properly? Should I have pushed him or her further to give their best?

Yes I know I might be over thinking this but I have to vent so I'm venting here. These are some of the questions that I don't normally voice out loud but I have to coz then I'd be stressing out mentally. Anyway, yeah.. I get like this sometimes when its grading period. So its due in 2 weeks time though next week I won't be able to touch it coz I'll also be at a seminar.

ANYWAY, I hope that I will shake off the blues soon. And also not bring the stress during class! hehehe. Not really a good idea. So recently these are the things that I've been doing to relieve me from this stress:

1. READ BOOKS. Yes I'm a selfconfessed bookworm! I love reading books. Its one of the most awesome way to transport myself into a different dimension and momentarily get lost in it there. :) Recently though I've been reading romance pocketbooks. Yes, self inflicted mental and emotional torture right there is the best way to de-stress.. hehehe. (I'm being sarcastically single.. LOL.)

2. PLAY FACEBOOK GAMES. Especially bejeweled! lol. It helps my mind space out just by clicking those sparkling things!

3. VISIT A BOOKSTORE. The atmosphere and the ambiance and those hundreds of books surrounding me calms me.  

4. HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS. They make you forget your work woes. A bff is a must! :)

5. EAT! There are times when I chuck my dieting principle out the window and give in to that one delicious bowl of dark chocolate gelato.

6. WATCH YOUTUBE or  uploaded videos from friends. There are lots of funny stuff, interesting stuff, and cool stuff that you can watch and learn. Here's one super cool video that I just watched and enjoyed a lot earlier.

Awesome drummer using eco-friendly man-made drums playing on the street!

So there you have it! My life so far since the last time I posted. :)

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