Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Facebook as Top Online Destination in the Philiippines

Facebook is top online destination for Pinoys | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

Again, another news report on how popular Facebook has become. I don't know if I should be happy or sad with the announcement that Facebook (FB for short) has become the top site to visit online. I won't be hypocritical about it since I know that I do spend a considerable amount of time on FB. Let's face it (no pun intended!), FB is one of the perfect places to go where you can play online simple games (o__O dang Fashion World & Castle Age has been so addicting!), chat with my friends online, show off your pictures, and get updated on what's happening with your friends! You get it all there with just one click. Its that easy!

Aquino gov't to catch corrupt via Facebook, Twitter | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

And this other news update also makes sense. I mean, what better way to put FB to good use but to catch bad people who are stupid enough to brag about it online! LOL. Actually I think what they really want is to encourage FB users to use Facebook or Twitter as forums for the public to report crimes. I don't know how effective that will be but hey its worth a try right?

Still, Facebook is not always the best place to be. I mean yeah it had all that great stuff, but then there's always a dark side to it especially when people start using something that was meant for good into something bad. I've heard stories of a stalker posing as one of my previous students then adding her friends and then started posting outrageous, malicious, and disgusting stuff that alarmed her friends. As of now, the matter hasn't been resolved despite it being reported so she has already warned all her friends that this certain profile wasn't really hers.

Another downside to FB is the appalling lack of privacy and proper conduct online. Friends, couples, and coworkers announce their spats online dragging everyone else into viewing their nasty comments, flames, and online fights. I mean, do you really have to let everyone know about that! I know there are times when you really have to vent out your frustration but I don't think FB is the venue for that. BLOG it! Thats what I do. I have a specific blog that is only for specific circle of friends where I can rant, rave, and furiously type out the feelings which at times I can't say out loud.

And as a teacher, I must protest as well with the indiscriminate prolific distribution of indecent, inappropriate, and violent photos or videos on Facebook which unfortunately is sometimes plastered over one's own wall. I was so shocked the other day when one of my old students (ok so he's a graduate but still...) had a wall photo of a group of women showing their naked backsides (and one full frontal) with a caption on the bottom taunting gamers to choose them or their games. I accidentally saw this on my FB recent news feed and I wouldn't have clicked the picture if I had known what it was. My point is, ANYBODY or any child can click the picture and view these inappropriate photos. Also, I find it annoying to see those things on my newsfeed or be tagged on something that I don't agree with and it being automatically plastered on my wall for all my friends to see and I only find out later when I log on. I know that there's a feature somewhere where you can screen tags or something like that but c'mon, I don't have the time and patience to check each and single tag or comment if its decent or not to be posted on my FB!

And lastly, I guess I can assume most teachers have the same problem with how FB or social networking has sooo taken up the time of our students that has made them lax in their studies, in attendance, and in class participation! I have students who stay up til late in the wee hours of the morning because of FB or maybe other internet or computer-related activities. I mean, I wouldn't be complaining much if it was school related work but if its not and you come to school like a zombie.. I don't think that's a good idea neither a healthy one for that matter.

So what's my point? My point is that we must take appropriate measures in using Facebook. Its a tool that we can use for good and sometimes for bad. We must educate our students--our children-- in the proper use of the internet and Facebook. If your child spends too much time on the net or on facebook, talk to your child and warn them about the things that they should and should not do (or rather post). If you parents have noticed the failing or low grades of your kids, check your kids' internet life. How much time do they spend on the net than studying? Talk to them reasonably and set limits. I know that all students (especially highschool and lower grades) would probably protest at this but this is now an issue about their health and well-being. Its hard for some to understand but understand this guys.. this is being done for your own good. I'm not saying to completely take away Facebook altogther.. I'm just saying LIMIT yourself. And be a responsible netizen.

And thats my two cents on the current popularity of Facebook.

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